Washing Machine Not Spinning

How to Diagnose and Repair a Washing Machine Not Spinning

Is your washing machine not spinning? Well before contacting a professional appliance repair service you can attempt to diagnose and resolve the the issue yourself by following these simple steps we put together.

1. Disconnect the electrical power cable. Detach the tubes and remove the drain hose pipe. Relocate the washing machine to a practical place where you can easily access the front and rear of the machine. washing machine not spinning

2. No washing machine will rotate when the cover is up. If you notice that the cover lid is closed and it still will not spin, the initial point to inspect is the lid switch.

3. Locate the clips that keep the front of the washer together. They are on the front, approximately 3 inches away from the various sides. You should be able to view these clips if you shine a light, such as a flashlight, into the crack.

4. Eliminate the front panel. Locate the cover button. Keep in mind the shade of the cables that travel to the lid switch.

5. Remove the rear panel on top of the washing machine where the timer and various other switches and controls are situated.

6. Within the rear of the head system, discover the wires that travel from the cover switch. Disassemble the white plug the cables enter into.

7. Put a volt meter at the end of the switch plug that comes from the cover button. If you notice that the readings on the meter don’t change at all, then the cover button is faulty. Change it and the washing machine should spin like it should.

8. Washing machines will first pump all the water out, and then begin spinning. Assuming that the water level reading is faulty, the washing machine will assume there is still remaining water in the tub and will not spin. Located at the front of the washer, find the transparent, plastic hose located on the left-hand side. This travels to the water level button.

9. Remove the transparent, plastic hose by tugging on it upwards. Clean out any lint, and dirt in the hose. This may be the case of a malfunctioning washer.

10. Located at the rear of the washer; find the water level button, located on the right-hand side. Blow air into the bottom of the tube you disconnected, which was found at the front of the washer and view if the meter varies. A clicking noise should be heard, as you continually blow into the tube. If you notice that the meter fails to change or vary at all, you can conclude the water level switch is faulty. Replace this part and the washer should rotate and spin as it should. If you are completely sure the cover and water level buttons are not faulty, and the water degree tube is not stopped up, then the issue may either be the motor or the clutch components. If so, call a professional appliance repair technician to help you correct this problem.

If you still are having problems and can not determine the reason for the washing machine not spinning, it will be best to then contact a local appliance repair service. If you would like to learn more about washing machines and how they operate, here is a great reference!

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