How to Replace Frigidaire Water Filter – Upper Right Area

Learn How to Replace Your Frigidaire Water Filter?

Frigidaire refrigerators come with built in water dispensers that rely on water filters to clean the water. Frigidaire refrigerators only have  two types of water filters – ones placed in the upper right area and  one located on the upper back. After you have determined which type of filter your fridge has you can begin to replace it.

Filters located in this area are usually from refrigerators built side-by-side, and removal and replacement of these water filters are simple and straightforward to do. Follow these steps if your water filter is located near the upper-right area of your refrigerator. replace frigidaire water filter

1. Open your refrigerator area of your side-by-side appliance. The water filter is found in the top right corner. It contains a button for fast release near to the right of the water filter.

2. Find the ice maker’s power button and place it in the OFF selection.

3. Press on the filter release switch and completely remove the water filter. Place the new filter in the same manner it was eliminated. Ensure to push in strongly on the water filter until you can hear the filter cartridge click in position.

4. Put the ice maker’s power switch back to the ON selection.

5. Run water through the water filter’s dispenser for a few minutes to rid the filter of any small particles.

6. In some models, you will be required to restart the filter status light. It is situated on the water and ice dispenser control board. Push on it for a few seconds until the various lights blink. If your refrigerator version does not have a filter condition light, you should write down the date on a calendar as a reminder to change the filter again after six months.

Note: The replace Frigidaire water filter that is located in the upper right area is a fast procedure – you do not have to unplug your fridge or power off the water supply when changing it. As a reminder, you should replace Frigidaire water filter s  after six months time.

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